Saturday, February 12, 2011


I just saw this in the market, i never tried this one before so i bought one pack. I fried it and made a viand for breakfast. It taste like meat loaf but meat loaf is more salty than this one. Meat loaf is soft and salami is not.

Salami is cured sausage, fermented and air-dried meat, originating from one of a variety of animals. It has been popular among Southern European peasants. The word salami, as currently used in English, is actually the plural form of the Italian salame. The word originates from the word Sale (salt) with a termination -ame used in Italian as an indicator of collective nouns.

A traditional salame is made from pork, chopped beef, venison, poultry, and horse.

Additional ingredients may include: salt, spices (usually white pepper) garlic minced, fat wine, various herbs, and vinegar.

Food Cost: 30.00 pesos only


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