Friday, February 4, 2011

Moud Halal Restaurant

Yesterday, we went to Quiapo to buy projector for my uncle. But before that, we ate in a Restaurant that serve muslim food. Last week, my hubby really wanted to eat there but unfortunately we have not found it. Yesterday we try to look it again and we found it! Yehey! It's our second time to eat there and the last time we dine there was two years ago that's why we already forgot the location and the name of the restaurant.

And now, the name of the restaurant is..... (drum roll) MOUD HALAL RESTAURANT
located at 887 Globo de Oro St., Quiapo, Manila near Muslim Mosque.

We ordered their famous yummy roasted chicken and kabsa rice.

roasted chicken and kabsa rice
Their roasted chicken is juicy and delicious. Not salty and not too sweet. Kabsa rice (saudi rice) is also good. Plus, it's very cheap. This one is only 70.00 pesos.

They also serve other viand and snacks like chicken curry, samosa, hamburger, spaghetti, pizza, french fries, siopao, pita bread & etc.

I love their samosa. It's so yummy. It's my first time to eat samosa. We ordered two pieces just to try it. And it taste good. really really good! This one is 10.00 pesos each.


RyHeAnNe said...

Wow sarap we also love eating Indian food :-)

Biboy Ordinario said...

wow will try their cuisine soon :)

avatarlady said...

How I wish I can gobble such sinful treats. I hope my abstinence from meat ends soon.

Yen said...

@ Rhyanne, sarap kasi pagkain nila kaya love natin kainin hehe..

@Biboy, balitaan mo ko pag na try mo na dun kumain ha? anyway, nakakamay mga kumakain dun kaya wag ka na magulat ha? magkakamay ka rin hehe..

@avatarlady, wawa ka naman hehe..=)

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