Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Fresh Lumpia in Globe Lumpia House

Today, we went to Paco, Manila for my husband's medical exam. While waiting for my husband, my uncle texted me if i have time to go to Raon to buy projector. To make the long story short, after my husband's medical exam we went to Raon to canvass the price of the said projector. While we were there, i noticed a lot of people queued in a diner. For curiosity reason, we asked the people there what it is. They said the diner's specialty is fresh lumpia and its very delicious. So, my hubby and i decided to try it. How does it taste?

Hmmmmm... for me, it's delicious! I'm not a vegetable eater but when i try it, i really like it.. The taste of peanut with sugar is good, the veggies is fresh and the sauce is like a caramel, not so sweet but perfect! Plus, the price is very cheap. It's only P16.00/pc.

So, next time when you go to Raon, Quiapo, Manila. Try to eat fresh lumpia in Globe Lumpia House.

By the way, we waited for almost 20 minutes before our turn to make an order and served.

Hmmm... Yummy.. Yummy.. It was worth the wait!


emmanuelmateo said...

mukha ngang very delicious.

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