Sunday, April 3, 2011

Alee Fish Hotdog

One month ago before hubby went abroad, we went to Dampa Farmers for lunch. While walking going there, i spotted a stall in farmers market that sells processed food that should be made of meat but to my surprised, the processed food is made of fish. I bought 1 pack of fish hotdog. They also sell fish longanisa, fish tocino, fish siomai, fish shanghai and many more. When we arrived home that day i was excited to taste the fish hotdog, so i cooked it immediately. The taste is the same as the branded hotdog like Tender Juicy and you cannot distinguish the difference. Food cost is only 36.00 pesos.
Fish Hotdog


gracesongbird said...

wow I wanna try that too! First time I ever heard of fish hotdog! Way better and healthier than the traditional ones. :)
Btw thanks for your comment on my blog entry for Alter Space Did you join that contest? Feel free to leave your link :)

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